Meet Brendan

Reported exercising: 5 times per week 15 minutes per training session

Reported breaks: skipped a total of 5 weeks of workouts

Weight before: 91.2 kg

Weight after: 92.5 kg

Result conclusion: Brendan has demonstrated the most significant masseter muscle volume change. With a naked eye the masseter muscle growth can be clearly observed. The change in lower jaw width is very significant. A one kilogram change in weight is too small of a variation to produce such a big visual difference. Brendan is the best example and the final confirmation of the hypothesis that masseter muscles indeed grow with consistent CHISELL usage. Individual results may vary.


Meet Jarome

Reported exercising: 4 times per week 15 minutes per training session

Reported breaks: skipped a total of 4.5 weeks of workouts

Weight before: 74 kg

Weight after: 78 kg

Result conclusion: Jarome demonstrates a very clear gain in the masseter muscle volume. The lower jaw is wider at the corners. A part of the effect is clearly due to a slight weight gain but not entirely as the additional BMI normally accumulates at the cheek area and not the jaw corner area. The side profile photo comparison confirms that. The gain in weight should have reduced the jawline definition, but what we observe is surprisingly the opposite, it looks more chiseled. The jawline actually gained in definition quite significantly. All signs point to a significant masseter muscle growth for Jarome after using CHISELL jawline trainer.


Meet Devlin

Reported exercising: 4 times per week 12 minutes per training session

Reported breaks: skipped a total of 1 week of workouts

Weight before: 71 kg

Weight after: 72 kg

Result conclusion: Devlin was a participant in our jaw training competition which lasted a little more than ten weeks. Apart from an astonishing masseter muscle growth, Devlin managed to develop a much more hollow cheek look. The hollow cheek development is not uncommon with CHISELL users. Because the additional muscle volume stretches the skin outwards, the cheeks are sinking more inside. Unfortunately, this will not be true for everyone as it depends on such factors as cheekbones positioning, buccinator muscle size, and body fat percentage. Devlin demonstrated that a significant jawline transformation is possible within just three months of consistent usage.