CHISELL works by enabling the growth of jaw muscles called masseter muscles. When you chew high-resistance CHISELL tabs, you directly engage your masseter muscles leading to hypertrophy. Through consistent weekly usage, the additional muscle volume begins to visually impact your jawline appearance. 


What you notice is growth at the corners of the lower jaw. This area protrudes further to the sides, creating a sharper contrast between your neck and the jaw. The contrast is what creates the shadow we call a “jawline.” By increasing the contrast through jaw muscle growth, the jawline becomes more visible and well-defined. In addition to the contrast, an improvement to the overall face shape can be observed. 


As the muscles increase in size, the lower jaw begins to look wider in proportions to the face. This change leads to more appealing square-like features of the face. 


Masseter muscles are the second toughest muscle group in your body after the heart. You use these muscles when you are chewing through your meals. Responsible for closing your jaw. CHISELL is designed to put direct focused stress on these muscles. CHISELL makes it hard for these muscles to close the jaw, which creates hypertrophy, and the muscle grows in size, bringing you the jawline improvement effect you desire.


It helps to think of CHISELL as a jaw muscle dumbbell you use for jaw muscle gains. When you gain, the muscles show up more, creating a better shape. It sounds just like the explanation of any other muscle training, right? Because the logic is exactly the same as other muscle workouts all over your body. We are not yet used to thinking about the face in the same way. 



With the masseter muscles growing in size, there will be a visual change happening to the jawline. The corner of the jawline near the ears will become more pronounced from the muscle volume growth. In turn, this creates the desired gain in jawline definition and strength. Some users may experience a hollow cheek enhancement as a result of CHISELL workouts.

Like any other muscle growth in the body, individual CHISELL results will depend on several factors. For instance, the consistency level plays a significant role. The recommended workout frequency is 4 to 5 times per week. How quickly the visual change will become noticeable is a factor of body fat percentage - the less, the faster. Furthermore, what kind of food, specifically nutrition, you consume plays a role. For any muscle to grow, you need to supply the body with an adequate amount of amino acids and other nutrients.

On average, CHISELL users report initial jawline improvement after 2 weeks, noticeable transformation after a month, and significant improvement after 10 weeks of consistent usage.


To achieve the fastest results, we recommend doing intense 10-15 minute workouts from the workout list included in the package. The exercises are specifically designed to produce maximum muscle fatigue in the shortest amount of time to stimulate the most efficient jaw muscle growth.

1. Take CHISELL tabs

2. Rinse in water or mouthwash

3. Place tabs on molar teeth

4. Perform chewing exercises

5. Stretch jaw muscles

6. Rinse tabs again

7. Store tabs in the carry case


1. Warm-up jaw muscles by opening and closing the mouth as wide as possible for 10 repetitions.

2. Start with 40 slow bites

3. Rest for 2 minutes

4. Perform 70 full-force bites with a 1-second pause at the end of each bite

5. Rest for 2 minutes

6. Perform 50 full-force fast bites with no pauses in between

7. Rest for 2 minutes

8. Stretch jaw muscles by opening the mouth as wide as possible and hold that position for 20-30 seconds



CHISELL products are properly designed for facial anatomy. A lot of effort is put into making sure the jawline improvement process is as natural for the human anatomy as possible. CHISELL is designed to stimulate chewing an unlimited piece of steak. CHISELL products are not for everyone; we do not recommend getting the product in case of existing jaw joint and teeth problems.


Choking prevention. Large amortization passageways allow for easy airflow in case of blockage. 

Safe materials. Made from FDA and EU certified food-grade silicone. Only the highest available quality on the market is used to manufacture CHISELL products.


The tabs are designed so that you are only using your molar teeth for the workouts. Molar teeth are large and rigid with solid roots, making them the ideal candidate for the job. The pressure is equally distributed over 4-6 teeth at a time, minimizing the pressure applied per tooth. The materials are made out of soft, high-resistant polymer, which further decreases the friction with the teeth, henceforth protecting the enamel.


The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is a peculiar joint. It is not fixed in place and jumps out of the socket when the mouth is open to the widest potential. The tabs are designed to be small enough so that the joint is positioned in the socket when pressure is applied. In turn, it increases safety. To avoid overworking the TMJ, it is recommended to do intense workouts for no longer than 10-15 minutes per training session. Make sure to stretch jaw muscles properly after each workout. To stretch jaw muscles, simply open the mouth as wide as possible and hold for 15-30 seconds.