CHISELL is an action-oriented beauty brand dedicated to inventing natural, non-invasive facial beauty tools that work. Currently a leading jawline exerciser brand with a flagship product - CHISELL. Committed to a culture of continuous improvement in creating and developing beauty tools for the general public.


The brand was born out of an epiphany that our faces are subject to natural change rather than purely based on genetics, as the widely accepted belief states. The inspired co-founders took it upon themselves to empower individuals around the globe to take matters into their own hands. And so, the journey began with CHISELL 1.0. Read the full product story below.


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July 2018


The initial product was launched through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The first-ever anatomically correct jaw muscle workout product. The most significant breakthrough was using a two-piece design, which allowed the distribution of force to the molar teeth. The pressure placed upon masseter muscles should only be engaged through molar teeth. Molar teeth are most rigid and durable which, makes them the best candidate for the task. CHISELL 1.0 allowed jaw workouts to imitate gum-chewing, making them completely invisible as opposed to previously available devices. The product was completed with a metal carry case.


The brand gained traction from the initial product version, while the commitment to continuous improvement led to identifying the first design problem. The product was not durable enough and broke very fast for some customers. The unlimited replacement program was born to allow the users an uninterrupted jaw muscle workout experience.

November 2019


The first noticeable improvement unveiled with the 2.0 version was an upgrade in product durability. The average time before breakage doubled. The metal carry case was upgraded to a plastic, liquid-holding one for easier cleaning and proper hygiene maintenance. Similarly, the product packaging underwent a notable upgrade with the new workout routines and a bite progress tracker, now available to users. In addition to durability, the tabs design packed a better workout load distribution making the masseter muscle engagement more efficient, and the results delivered faster.

The 2.0 design was a success - over 50 companies around the world attempted to copy it. Today you can find cheap replicas of 2.0 on Aliexpress, Amazon stores, and many others. Although similar in shape, the material quality is significantly different. Unlike CHISELL, replicating companies have not done proper material testing for safe oral cavity usage.

April 2021


The latest jawline exerciser is patent-protected. The longest design creation up to date, it packs quite a few upgrades into this version. The first improvement is product safety. The cavities have been rotated to ensure proper airflow, altogether preventing a choking possibility. Moreover, it erased the suction vacuum effect improving the user experience. The durability of the 3.0 improved even further, making it by far the most durable. The range of motion has been further optimized to provide better masseter muscle engagement and foster quicker muscle growth results. The new 360 design makes it possible for the 3.0 to be chewed from any side. Hence, there is no need to try and place the tabs correctly on the molar teeth, as any side works equally well.

The carry case has been upgraded to have a faster opening mechanism. Perhaps the most noticeable improvement yet is the visual design. CHISELL 3.0 is a state-of-the-art chewable.