Replacement policy

Due to the type and purpose of our product, we do not accept product returns. Therefore, upon the first CHISELL product usage, it cannot be resold or used further due to the nature of usage [in mouth placement]. 

In the case of product breakage, you are eligible for a resupply of the broken parts for 12 months after placing an order. No additional fee is charged for the product being replaced, just pay for shipping. 



The policy dictates that a customer can request a replacement for CHISELL tabs in case of breakage. The replacement cost of the product is free, the customer only pays for shipping.

Breakage definition:

A visually noticeable tear, crack, puncture of the silicone material produced due to intended usage [molar teeth mastication] that results in significant loss of resistance and loss of intended products function [provision of high resistance to closing movement of the mandible bone].

Time restriction:

The client is eligible to submit an unlimited number of replacement requests within 1 YEAR AFTER his initial order placement in SIA CHISELL online store. In order to obtain the right for another year of free replacements, a client must make another purchase of the product in SIA CHISELL’s online store.

Other policy rules:

1. The client is eligible to only request replacement requests for the product model purchased and can not request a different replacement model. The client must purchase the model in SIA CHISELL online store to obtain the right to receive replacements for that product model.

2. The client can not submit more than 1 replacement request for the same breakage case. The penalty for doing so is the cancellation of the replacement policy for the client’s order.

3. SIA CHISELL can deny any replacement request at will.

4. SIA CHISELL can make Unlimited Replacement Policy changes with no prior notice and at SIA CHISELL's convenience.

5. SIA CHISELL is not required to aware the client of the changes in the Unlimited Replacement Policy.

6. The policy does not cover product loss or deliberate damage.

7. If pictures of breakage are not presented or breakage was not caused by intended product usage, the replacement request will be denied.

8. If the client provided wrong/insufficient information which leads to the package being returned/ undelivered, the replacement policy for that particular order will be terminated.