Whoever said, "Fashion is the ugliest form of art because it changes every six months," was beyond their time. No phrase captures better the unattainable beauty standards that pester the past and current generations.

While we hope that people learn something from disastrous trends like the teeth-filling challenge, which leaves irreparable enamel damage, the stakes are only getting higher. Recently, some influencers have been linked to a spike in the use of Ozempic for weight loss instead of its intended use for controlling type 2 diabetes–a trend that has led to drug shortages that risk the lives of people that need the medicine to survive.

But even with known risks, radical beauty trends only continue to grow. The latest one involves the use of DIY tools and techniques to get a razor-sharp jawline. Unfortunately, most of these techniques have unexplored effects that have been disastrous for the general health of the user. 

Today, we’ll look at the dangers of following such trends and how to overcome the risks if you’ve already fallen prey.


Dangerous DIY Jawline Hacks Prompted by TikTokers

Search #jawlinecheck on TikTok, and you’ll see thousands of videos of people showing off their impressive jawlines. Shockingly, thethese videos receive upwards of 200 million views and endless streams of support and admiration.

There is a predictable pattern to these beauty trends. At first, new trends often focus on encouraging people to attain certain ideals or standards, such as razor-sharp jawlines or unnaturally puffy lips. These goals are often unattainable for most people that aren’t genetically predisposed.

Then, once these standards have taken hold, we start seeing influencers' tips and tutorials on achieving these results using various products and techniques. These tricks are often highly effective, resulting in impressive transformations that can be achieved in a short time frame.

However, just as quickly as these beauty trends rise to success, they are followed by horror stories from experts and medical professionals who reveal the damage that these products and techniques can cause to our bodies in the long run. 


@thelifeofbei is the perfect example of how this latest online trend went quickly viral. In one post, she breathlessly claims that she was able to get rid of her double chin in just 57 days, attracting over 8 million views in the process. The accompanying photos seem to offer compelling evidence of the effectiveness of her jawline exercise device, which seemingly transformed her appearance overnight.

However, it turns out that this so-called success story is actually just another case of deceptive marketing and false advertising. And, unsurprisingly, the moderators removed the video in question after concerns were raised about its misleading nature. It soon emerged that the content creator had been running and doing other workouts in addition to using a jawline exerciser to achieve such impressive results.

As with many other assumed miracle solutions on social media, what looks too good to be true, probably is. Nonetheless, @thelifeofbei remains a prime example of how these trends catch on and go viral among followers looking for shortcuts to more attractive appearances without putting in any effort.

While jawline exercisers certainly can work, they require time and effort on the user's part to be truly effective. So if you're looking for a quick fix for your double chin or sagging jawline, be wary of any so-called miracle solutions advertised online - natural and safe results take time!

What Are Associated Risks of Following Jawline Exerciser Trends? 

 There are a few risks associated with following jawline exerciser trends. These include:

Tooth Misalignment

Overuse of jawline exercisers puts unnatural non-chewing force on your gums and teeth. This puts your teeth at divergent angles that slowly move your teeth out of position. The more you persist in using these devices, the higher the risk of developing tooth misalignment.

Dentists warn of a significantly higher risk of pain, especially for people with periodontal disease. It can also lead to an extreme shifting of teeth in the front. Not to mention, your teeth could bend or break if you delay seeking remedial orthopedic treatment. 

Tooth misalignment can also lead to difficulties in eating, severe bone loss in the jaw, and speech impediments.


TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your jawbone to the skull. Without it, you wouldn't be able to open and close your mouth effectively when swallowing, talking, or eating. TMD occurs when you have an issue with the jawbone or connecting muscles. The leading causes of the disorder include injury and swelling due to arthritis.

However, you could also bring it on yourself from overuse of jawline exercisers. These devices can put too much stress on your TMJ, injuring your jaw in the process. Symptoms include pain, clicks, and popping sounds each time you talk or move your jaw.

If these trends don’t stop, dentists warn of endemic cases of TMD and related dental issues.  

“Always Remember Moderation Is Key While Performing any Type of Excercise.”

Gastrointestinal Issues

Using jawline exercisers engages your mouth in non-nutritive chewing. This sends signals to your stomach to prepare digestive juices. It’s not an issue if you use the devices for 10-minutes or less. However, these ‘silly’ social media trends encourage you to chew for longer.

Excessive chewing leads to gastrointestinal problems like bloating, acid reflux, and gastritis. If you have ulcers, it can make life even harder.

Erosion of Teeth

Excess saliva production and acid reflux can erode the enamel layer of your teeth. Aside from leaving you prone to cavities, it often leads to pain and extreme tooth sensitivity. You may even lose your teeth if you don’t see a dentist.

Your dentist may advise you against practices that erode your teeth, such as smoking or overusing jawline exercisers. Failure to heed such warnings may necessitate expensive restorative treatments.

How Can You Overcome the Risks Posed By These Viral Jawline Exerciser Trends?

Don’t buy into the hype! These influencers use unproven life hacks and shortcuts that damage your jaw and other body parts. And they only do this for social clout and cash endorsements from shady manufacturers. 

Sculpting your jawline is possible, but it takes time. This article shows you the dangers of rushing the process. So, insist on speaking to an expert so they can recommend a safe jawline exerciser. 

What to Look for in a Safe Jawline Exerciser

You can prevent all these issues by selecting a jawline exerciser with all the proper safety features. Some of these factors include:

Regulated Mechanical Resistance: A suitable device uses appropriate mechanical resistance to expand your masseter muscles. Insist on a device that doesn’t require too much bite force to avoid damaging your teeth, jawbone, and muscles.

Material Quality: Some devices taste awful and break down as you continue your journey to a razor-sharp jawline. You can avoid this using an exerciser made of FDA and EU-certified food-grade silicone.

Choke-Free Construction: Chewing produces loads of saliva that can choke you. Avoid this by using devices that feature large amortization passageways. These perforations (holes) increase airflow and prevent large pools of saliva in your mouth. 

Proper Teeth Placement: Your molars are strong and offer larger surface area contact with your jawbone. This makes them the right spot to place your jawline exerciser. So, avoid any device designed to be placed in any other area.

Size and Shape: Large and hard-to-chew jawline exercisers can put undue stress on the TMJ, potentially causing it to pop out of place. To avoid such problems, it is important to choose a device that fits comfortably in your mouth and does not interfere with your dental alignment.

Dangerous beauty trends are not a new phenomenon. Most are merely a crafty spin on subliminal messaging on unattainable beauty standards. So, don’t be suckered in by the hype and risky shortcuts.

Take your time and consider what the experts say before participating in or starting your own viral TikTok challenge.


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