What do Don Draper, Tommy Shelby, and the members of BTS have in common? Well, they cut clean figures that make all the girls fawn over them. Much of this is owed to their metrosexual appeal–every hair is held in place by gel, no creased clothes, and you can tell they have quite the thorough skincare routine.

However, not every man has the time to spare on such a put together look. And, not all women are into men with mannequin dress-etiquette.

In Paula Cole's song "Where have all the cowboys gone?", she pines over finding her John Wayne, shiny gun, Marlboro Man. It may be a record from the late 90s, but it lends credence to the fact that burly and ruggedly handsome men will never go out of style.

Today we’ll look at what it means to be considered ruggedly handsome, and how to go about becoming a ruggedly handsome champ. Almost every gentleman can achieve this–it’s simply a matter of knowing how to curate your image.


Is It Bad To Be Considered Ruggedly Handsome? 

According to the Webster-Merian dictionary, you're ruggedly handsome when you are: 

  • Attractive and strong at the same time.
  • Inspire people with your robust yet simple manner of handling life.

A ruggedly handsome man cuts an athletic frame and is the picture of perfect health. You don’t need to stare at the mirror all day to know–people's admiring glances will confirm it! 

However, there’s more to it than looks. A ruggedly handsome man is the go-to guy whenever you’re in a pinch. Why? Well, it also involes having a stoic attitude. Most ruggedly handsome men are pragmatic about life and won’t stop even if the going gets tough. 

How to Manage the Responsibilities That Come With Being Ruggedly Handsome?

Being ruggedly handsome comes with some responsibilities. For one, the world views you as a source of strength and hope in trying times. This forces you to maintain a confident, wise, and persevering frame.

This perception of a person can be challenging because there’s no training to fall back on when you’re unsure of the next move. Fortunately, you can adopt stoicism: a philosophy based on action instead of needless complaining and head-scratching tactics.

Here are a few ways to use it to maintain your frame in the face of any problem.

1.  Being Pragmatic 

Yes,  bashing things with a hammer until they work – helps, sometimes! But not always. So what helps is having a can-do attitude. Some decent handy work skills also help. However, most people think being pragmatic is about having a stubborn DIY mindset.

And this couldn't be further from the truth because you can't know everything under the sun. Sure, YouTube and Google University have quick hands-on tips. But think of the time you waste trying to learn and do simultaneously.

Being pragmatic is about understanding a challenge and the best way to fix it. For instance, it’s knowing what the problem is with your car so you won't get conned by your mechanic. And if it can’t be fixed, know when to ask for help or know when to let it go.


2.  Being Kind 

View showing kindness as an opportunity to improve someone else’s life. It doesn't even have to be a grand or expensive gesture. It could be flashing an honest smile, doling out compliments, and thanking your waiter after diner. Such small acts of kindness are rare in an age where we’ve normalized obnoxiousness –Be the difference! 

Kindness can also be very disarming, especially when someone is rude or aggressive towards you. It forces an aggressor to walk back their heightened state, words, or actions. So next time, don’t fight back. Maintain your frame and show strength through kindness.


3.  Nurture Tranquility 

“If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, then my son you’re a man!”

This is an excerpt from "IF," a poem by Rudyard Kipling written for his son as he went to war. Through the ages, it has served as a psalm that calms many soldiers when they get angry or irritated and make costly mistakes.

Well, life is a battlefield that, today, follows everyone home thanks to smart devices and other technologies. And the key to embracing your ruggedly handsome frame is to be the source of peace and trust as loads of people will make your mere presence a lush Shangri-La of tranquility. 

4.  Say Less, Be an Active Listener

Let’s face it; there are too many self-centered people out there. One minute you may be talking about neutron star collisions. Next, they find a way to switch the topic to themselves – It’s just a human condition! Another major problem is we listen to fashion responses instead of understanding. 

However, the ruggedly handsome guy can adopt the following three-prong approach to preserve a rugged yet attractive frame:


  1. Don’t gossip, play blame games, complain or say more than you need in any situation.
  2. Listen intently so you can understand the issue and come up with impactful ideas or solutions.
  3. Don’t brag or falsely seduce. The true value of a ruggedly handsome man lies in his actions, not words.

 Zeno of Citium says, "It's better to trip with the feet than with the tongue. So be a man of impeccable words and mean what you say.


5.  Be Open to Learning

 Many people have problems because they don’t learn from life's lessons. We’re alive to learn, so it’s best to actively make time to learn instead of letting life be the remnants of lessons not heeded or things unlearnt.

The ruggedly handsome man understands seeking wisdom is the best path to a fulfilling life. It makes you a good father, lover, friend, and MVP at work. 

And we have fewer excuses these days. Books are affordable, knowledge is widely democratized, and the TV is full of documentaries. The internet is also loaded with more information than anyone can consume.


6.  Maintain a Chiseled Jawline  

Most ruggedly handsome men have god-like cuffs, guns for days, and chest muscles that could crack a walnut. So, it also calls for peak physical condition and a body that can shoulder other people's burdens. This can result from a corn-fed vigor or a life dedicated to proper dieting and exercise.

However, firming up your jaw muscles to melt that double chin or curve a stoic jawline is easier said than done- until today!

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