The rise of mewing is undeniable, almost every week you see a big YouTuber posting something about “correct tongue posture” or “mewing”. This is a revolution of thought that we are witnessing. Perhaps within one generation mewing will be a common practice the majority of the world is aware of. Your face will no longer be looked upon as something which fully forms due to genetics, no, it will be a feature to develop just like you are developing your biceps with pull-ups. 

In short, mewing is about the correct posture of the tongue and neck which transforms your facial bone structure in a way that you develop a very attractive face. We decided to gather up the top resources you can learn from to start your transformation journey. These are the people and organizations which are pushing the boundaries to give you the face you deserve. Please welcome…


The Mewingpedia is one of those websites where you go to get a complete set of information on the mewing subject. It is a clear A-Z page that offers you regular blog posts about interesting mewing topics, mewing success stories backed by proper before and after photos, and product reviews which might help you achieve your face beauty goals. In addition to all this, you can also find a purchase book containing the mewing secrets from the page author himself. Mewingpedia is a great website to open up your mewing understanding horizons.



If you are looking for a good dose of a regular inspiration to keep your mewing habits in check, look no further than the Mewinglifestyle Instagram page. Apart from the author’s journey, you can encounter a few witty memes on the subject. The owner of the page is continuously looking for ways to improve his understanding of mewing and is willing to try many unconventional ways of doing so. It is a natural and engaging community of people who dare to change.


Still not convinced mewing is the real deal. Maybe you just the type of person who needs detailed scientific proof. BFF is your best friend in this case. The guy partnered with a professional from the orthodontic field and they make the content you deserve. Watch their discussions to get answers for how and why the mewing works, what exactly is happening to your bone structure, and how is that visible on the example of the real people. Perhaps the real jewel of BFF is their YouTube channel where you can observe not only the exact dynamics of the proper tongue posture but also a general discussion about the skull development.


Sometimes you need a great scientific explanation for what and how to do. But sometimes a good meme will do the trick and push you to keep that tongue in its proper position. This page has no shortage of those quick and sharp content pieces which make you smile and have a little bit of a laugh at non-mewers. They post daily so you never run out of good mewing jokes to share. 


This page deserves our respect simply because the mission of the page is to spread the good word about mewing. You can always find the latest new information on what and how. The posts here are not very frequent as the author invests more time into making sure that the content is very detailed and relevant. Just check the photos and what they promote, go to the caption and you will become a more enlightened mewer. 


The man himself. There would be no mewing without Dr. Mike Mew. He is the one who brought this concept to our daily lives, and he is the one who started this battle with the existential beliefs about facial attractiveness and health. It does not matter what stage of mewing you are on, whether you just started hearing about it, or already a regular mewer for many years, you can not go past the content Dr. Mew is sharing on his YouTube channel. This is the genesis, the inception of thought, the core bible of mewing. We extend our kind regards to him for letting us join this journey.


Since mewing is a relatively new concept, the community is picking up the torch to explore the depths of its practical application. This page is a direct example of someone who fell passionate about the topic and has been exploring the area for quite a few years at this point. You can read about his findings, his opinion on available products, and his exploration of questions people usually have about the mewing possibilities. All completed in a nice convenient website arrangement which is easy to navigate to find the topics relevant to you.


Please meet the prince of mewing himself, Astrosky. He is truly among the most significant people in the mewing arena. We assign him a title of the Most Significant Mewing Transformation. He went from an average-looking face to a god-like shape within a few years of mewing. This young and ambitious man has brought the awareness of mewing to an unbelievable amount of people through his YouTube channel. You can practically find everything about mewing on his channel including the exact techniques and strategies. All videos are done in a cool entertaining way and will be sure to deliver great value to your future face development plans.

Just the tongue posture will not cut it to reach the full potential of your face. All mewers are also chewers, which means they are continuously developing the jaw muscles called masseter to achieve a chiseled and masculine jawline look. You can check out the best tool to exercise those muscles here.

Start mewing, and keep chewing...