For centuries, having a well-groomed beard has offered men a way to stand out in society. The styles change in the very same way that mustaches, mutton chops, and sideburns go in and out of style. All in all, facial hair grooming remains an essential part of men's fashion.

Now, whether you're a low-maintenance stubble guy or a devoted hair care enthusiast, two things are true. First, beards have a superlative ability to transform how the world views you. Secondly, they can help you chisel your jawline to make you look and feel stronger, which helps you exude an insane amount of confidence. 

And when it comes to beards, the styles are endless. But, this also means that finding a style that is ideal for your face might require a lot of homework. Fortunately, we've taken the time to find some of the trendiest beard styles of this age. So, sit back, relax and join us as we count them down.


The Circle Beard

Popularized by: Kanye West


Do you struggle to grow enough facial hair to cover your cheekbones? Well, you're not alone–and many end up looking patchy when they try to let things go. So, it makes more sense to groom it into a well-manicured goatee or Circular beard around your lips.

If you keep it at 1 to 2-inches, it can have the desired effect of making your jawline more angular and significant. So, it's ideal for men that are insecure about their puffy cheeks or "baby faces."

The Stubble Beard + Mustache

Popularized by: Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill


A short, well-maintained stubble is ideal if you have square facial structure. This is because it makes you look edgier and draws more attention to your eyes. However, adding a mustache can work wonders! 

The stubble beard and mustache combination make you look more serious and driven. Maintenance is critical to nailing this style. You can invest in a quality trimmer, or be ready for frequent barbershop visits. But, the process is easy and you can keep the stubbe light, heavy, medium or as you prefer.

The Short Boxed Beard

Popularized by: Ryan Reynolds

This style has a business-casual effect. So, it's ideal if you like to maintain a serious tone and a decent amount of facial hair. It's tidy but not in an over-preened manner. Therefore, you'll be right at home whether in the pub or conference room.

Short boxed beards also work for any face shape. However, you may need to work on the angles to chisel your jawline while obscuring any perceived imperfections. For instance, You may need to trim the side a little bit to elongate your jawline if you have a round face.

When in doubt, you can visit a barber to infuse creativity and accent your beard into your personal style.


The Balbo

Popularized by: Enrique Iglesias

This style gets its name from Italo Balbo –A former Italian minister of the air force, Blackshirt leader, and perceived successor to Mussolini. Interestingly, this never goes out of style and has an uncanny way it chisels your jawline and makes it more flattering.

It's a chin beard and a grown-out mustache combination that doesn't connect at the lips. The gap that’s left ensures your jawline isn't hidden. You can also leave it longer at the bottom to give the illusion that your face contours towards your chin. The ideal height is 1 to 2 inches, but you can make it longer to mimic a ruged biker.


The Van Dyke

Popularized by: Anthony van Dyke

The Van Dyke is a staple from the 17 century that is enjoying a resurgence in 2022. It may get its name from Dutch master painter, Anthony van Dyke. But, it lives in infamy thanks to its portrayal on Guy Fawkes masks– a man that nearly blew up the Old Bailey (Britain's Parliament) in the 1600s.

The Van Dyke has a twirled mustache and a pointy chinstrap – its' simply whimsical. You can keep a light stubble or trim the hair on your cheeks for maximum effect. This style is ideal if you have a square-shaped face as it doesn't obscure your jawline.


The Garibaldi

Popularized by: Corner McGregor

Do you have insecurities about your triangular face? This style is perfect for dressing up your chin so people can focus on your finer facial features, a.k.a., your eyes!

The Garibaldi's main feature is a thick bushy beard that rounds up at the bottom. This has the effect of making your jawline appear more prominent. It also looks better with a dangly mustache.

The only issue is this style takes a couple of months to grow. It also needs loads of combing to keep the crumbs out. But it's worth it!

The Classic Full Beard

Popularized by: James Harden

This is one of the most versatile styles on the list as it works with any face shape type. A mere look at NBA superstar James Harden is a testament to the style's transformative effect. You wouldn't recognize the man if you saw a picture of Harden before he let it all grow.

This beard is 2 to 5 inches long, which makes it look slightly unkempt. But, you can fix this by rounding it out along the jawline and a having slight fade on the cheeks. That should balance out your facial contours by evening out your sharp features.

The Hollywoodian

Popularized by: Senator Ted Cruz

The Hollywoodian is a style for all settings and seasons, and even looks amazing in grey. Trust us, it can turn any granddad into a stone-cold silver fox!

The main feature of this beard style is a full beard with trimmed sideburns. You can also lower the cheek lines to square off a rounded face. Or leave them high to complement a triangular face shape.

The Hollywoodian also doesn't add width to your jawline making square faces more oval. However, patience is key as it takes time to grow so much facial hair. 


The Secret to a Truly Chiseled Jawline

This least barely scratches the surface of beard styles. But now, you have a baseline understanding of how you can contour your jawline into a more flattering shape. 

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