For fastest results, we recommend that you do jaw exercises for 2 days and do 1-day break afterward. The whole training session should take you around 10 minutes a day. You must do 3-5 sets during one jaw training session. Take 1-2 minute breaks between sets. Rinse CHISELLs in water or mouthwash before putting in your mouth.


1. Put Chisells on the back teeth, one on each side. Your last 2-3 teeth in the back of your mouth is the proper placement.

2. Squeeze fully, hold for 1 second, release. Repeat this motion for around 2 minutes. Your masseter muscles will get tired.

3. Squeeze fast without hold 40 – 50 times. Do not forget to breathe properly during the exercise.

4. Squeeze and hold for 30 seconds. Then take a 1- minute break. This is your one set. Do a total of 3-5 sets per day.

After you have gone through 3-5 sets rinse your CHISELLs again and put back in the box

Once you get used to the recommended routine you can safely deviate and chew how you see fit for your preference.