Over the past six months, we have been working on something special for you and the jawline industry we are developing. CHISELL’s vision is and has been very simple to change the status quo of the possibilities of natural jawline development worldwide by advancing and dominating the jawline industry. The majority of people worldwide do not believe that it is possible to improve their jawline look with chewing exercises. We beg to differ!

When we began our CHISELL journey, we quickly realized there is little to no information available on the science behind the growth of facial muscles. So, around six months ago, we started a big project. Our goal was to understand what experts think about CHISELL and its ability to grow the masseter muscles. We also wanted to investigate other effects CHISELL usage might have on one’s health and teeth structure.

With this research, we aimed, first, to identify the specialist consensus on the potential benefits and drawbacks of using CHISELL to advance jawline aesthetics. Second, we aimed to identify future research areas the CHISELL company will be engaged in directly or indirectly and potential tools or information that might help with it.

We contacted 3O dentists and orthodontists from around the world and asked them a few questions. Some of the questions were from our audience, and some we wanted to know as a team. Below you can see the consolidated answers to some of the most relevant questions. You can read the full paper by downloading the pdf attached.




If you wear braces, Invisalign, other orthodontic appliances - CHISELL is not for you, at least not until you take them off. ​

Two-thirds of the experts concluded that using CHISELL together with such appliances is not recommended. The reason for that is that it might slow down the changes the appliances intend to produce. The remaining experts said that it would depend on each case and, in some instances, CHISELL may not be an issue. All specialists agreed that if you have these appliances, you should consult your doctor before getting CHISELL. From now on, we officially will not recommend getting CHISELL if you are wearing braces, Invisalign, and other orthodontic devices.




Confirmed! Masseter muscles grow with CHISELL usage.​

This topic was a big one for us as a team, as this is one of the main functions we advertise. All 3O experts confirmed that CHISELL could grow masseter muscles when used repetitively. There are many debates and nay-sayers on the internet which claim that devices like CHISELL are a scam. Our expert's statement summary is the first evidence to prove the contrary. Jaw muscles grow like any other muscle if repetitive strain is applied. We are delighted that we now have some backing to the claims we are making with our advertising. Big day for the jawline industry!




CHISELL works best if you use it no more than 2O minutes per day.​

The temporomandibular joint, as any other joint in the body, is subject to wear. Experts indicate that putting too much pressure on the joint is, in general, not good, especially if you do it for an extended period. The sweet spot of using CHISELL would be under 2O minutes daily.




Masseter muscle exercises are not for everyone.

Experts indicate that people with issues related to their teeth, TMJ, and
skull, should not engage in extensive chewing as it might worsen them. It is comparable to using a semi-broken car and expecting it to work like a new one - better keep it in the garage. On the other hand, if your teeth and joints are healthy, extensive chewing should be producing minimal to no wear on them. As a company, we want to avoid even the slightest risk of anyone getting an injury, so we will officially not be recommending CHISELL to anyone with the above-listed issues. If you are not sure whether you have such related problems, it is always better to consult your doctor.




More research is needed. CHISELL will help.​

As a company, we understand that the only way to develop the jawline industry is to go with a complete honesty approach. We want to provide only objectively correct information to our clients and the public. Since, on some questions, there is no scientific consensus yet - we feel obliged to assist the science, in this case, to bring out the objective truth. We will be carrying further research ourselves as well as supporting independent research in the jawline industry area.

This first research is quite a big deal as this is the first-ever scientific survey in the jawline industry. We intend that it could provide a little spark into much more research to come.

You can download the survey paper here.