Strong defined jawlines are a major recent worldwide trend. Men and women alike are swearing by new jawline enhancer products in hopes of getting a chiseled jawline. The idea of getting a chiseled jawline has been promoted by an army of social media influencers. Instagram feeds are popping with countless people chewing on silicone balls and tabs. And the question on everyone’s mind is - do they really work? We decided to answer this exact question.

What is CHISELL?

We chose CHISELL, a jaw muscle exercise tool from Latvia, Europe for this research. CHISELL is a jaw exercise tool consisting of 2 silicone tabs which users are supposed to be chewing. It essentially acts as a dumbbell for jaw muscles. CHISELL claims their jaw workout can grow the size of jaw muscles leading to an appearance of wider lower face and sharp jawline definition.

Who was testing?

We selected a total of 10 people from all around the world and sent them a bunch of CHISELL tabs with workout instructions. These people performed chewing exercises with CHISELL for a bit more than 6 months and you are about to see their jaw gain results.

Before and After photos.

But first, let’s talk about the experiment itself and how we attempted to make it as unbiased as possible. At first we asked all of the participants to send us their “Before” photos. We specifically instructed everyone to choose a photo taking place with proper lighting. The idea was to replicate the same lighting for the “after” photos to avoid the situation where the face looks different only because of different shadows. Participants also had to do photos with sealed lips, clenched and unclenched jaw muscles to avoid having the effect of a bigger jaw only due to clenching on the “After” photos. We instructed everyone to take photos from multiple angles as well to have more data for comparison. Additionally we asked everyone to use at least 10 megapixel cameras with no flash and keeping the camera at a distance of 0.4 meters from the face to avoid the lens effect distorting the results. As the last, and perhaps the least well-accepted requirement was the removal of any facial hair as facial hair can add to the perceived definition of the jawline. With a bit of resistance we managed to convince everyone to accept these terms.

We collected the photos, sent the products, and kept close communication with the participants over the duration of the experiment.

After 6 months.

We decided to use basic photo mapping techniques to draw comparisons with the “Before” photos. Both photos were size adjusted, rotated to the right angle and mapped on top of each other to match the facial features which could in no way change over the 6 months. Those features are - nose and eyes. Once we mapped everything perfectly it was immediately visible whether any effect took place.

Unfortunately not all of the participants could go through with the experiment, some dropped out mid-way and some just disappeared at the very end. We are not really sure why they disappeared, the main guess is that they were slacking off and did not really exercise. We think that is why they decided not to send the after photos. Oh well. To our surprise the 4 people who did send the photos - actually had some interesting results to show.

CHISELL 6-Month Jaw Workout Results.

After a painstaking wait of 6 months we finally obtained the "after" photos from the participants. The last participant had an insane result. Let’s go one by one and analyse each case. On the left side we present the “before” photos participants submitted prior to the experiment start, and on the right side we show the “after” photos which were submitted 6 months after the experiment start. On each before and after photos the participants clench their jaws.

Participant #1 Aram

Starting weight: 61.2 kg

Ending weight: 60.8 kg

Reported exercising: 4 times per week 15 minutes per training session

Reported breaks: skipped a total of 4 weeks of workouts

Result conclusion: mapping analysis revealed little difference in the overall jaw muscle volume due to the performed workout for Aram. Side profile does reveal an increase in jawline definition. Considering that Aram’s weight did not change, the results remain inconclusive.

Participant #2 Jarome

Starting weight: 74 kg

Ending weight: 78 kg

Reported exercising: 4 times per week 15 minutes per training session

Reported breaks: skipped a total of 4.5 weeks of workouts

Result conclusion: Jarome demonstrates a very clear gain in the masseter muscle volume. The lower jaw is wider at the corners. A part of the effect is clearly due to a slight weight gain but not entirely as the additional BMI normally accumulates at the cheek area and not the jaw corner area. The side profile photo comparison confirms that. The gain in weight should have reduced the jawline definition, but what we observe is surprisingly the opposite, it looks more chiseled. The jawline actually gained in definition quite significantly. All signs point to a significant masseter muscle growth for Jarom after using CHISELL jawline trainer.

Participant #3 Franck

Starting weight: 79.8 kg

Ending weight: 75.5 kg

Reported exercising: 6 times per week 15 minutes per training session

Reported breaks: skipped a total of 4 weeks of workouts

Result conclusion: a clear masseter muscle growth can be observed for Franck. A significant loss of 4kg resulted in a wider and not narrower lower jaw which can only be explained by the gain in masseter muscle volume. Additionally we can see that Franck’s temporalis muscles have experienced some hypertrophy. This effect is visible at the enlarged temples. Both masseter and temporalis muscle growth has resulted in a much more square facial appearance for Franck.

Participant #4 Brendan

Starting weight: 91.2 kg

Ending weight: 92.5 kg

Reported exercising: 5 times per week 15 minutes per training session

Reported breaks: skipped a total of 5 weeks of workouts

Result conclusion: Brendan has demonstrated the most significant masseter muscle volume change. With a naked eye the masseter muscle growth can be clearly observed. The change in lower jaw width is very significant. A one kilogram change in weight is too small of a variation to produce such a big visual difference. Brendan is the best example and the final confirmation of the hypothesis that masseter muscles indeed grow with consistent CHISELL usage.

Verdict - CHISELL actually works.

The experiment clearly shows that the claims CHISELL is making indeed have merit. Even though the sample size is small the presented results are nothing short of impressive. We confirm, CHISELL is indeed a viable jawline exercise tool able to deliver the chiseled jaw to the users.

It makes sense if you really think about it. Jaw has muscles all around it. If all the other muscles in the body can grow with exercise, why wouldn’t jaw muscles grow as well? CHISELL is basically a dumbbell for the jawline. Chewing CHISELL is tough so muscles hypertrophy if used consistently and they su=imply grow in volume. That growth makes the jaw stick out more to the sides visually widening the face and giving it more appealing square-like features. Because the contrast between the neck and jaw increases this gives more definition as the shadow can now fall from the jaw to the neck creating a chiseled jawline look.

You can learn more about CHISELL products here.