jawline anatomy


The masseter is the muscle responsible for closing your mouth. When you chew CHISELL you are working out this exact muscle. With regular jawline exercises it grows in size, just like any other muscle in your body. This creates the appearance of having a defined and powerful jawline.

what you get


Develop a masculine chiseled jawline with the third generation of our revolutionary jawline exerciser. Designed to efficiently put direct stress on jaw muscles when chewing. Comes with a soft touch carry case you can take anywhere you go. A small instruction sheet with 4 exercise routines and progress tracker are included in the box. Simple and convenient. CHISELL will work as long as you actually use it. Given that you are regularly putting your teeth into it and are using the correct technique, you will see an improvement after one month.

4 simple steps


To get the fastest results, follow the exercise program included in the package. CHISELL workouts should take you around 10 minutes/day.

1. Rinse tabs in water or mouthwash

2. Put on molar teeth

3. Complete chewing exercises

4. Stretch jaw muscles

6-month before | after

Meet Brendan

Reported exercising: 5 times per week 15 minutes per training session

Reported breaks: skipped a total of 5 weeks of workouts

Weight before: 91.2 kg

Weight after: 92.5 kg

Result conclusion: Brendan has demonstrated the most significant masseter muscle volume change. With a naked eye the masseter muscle growth can be clearly observed. The change in lower jaw width is very significant. A one kilogram change in weight is too small of a variation to produce such a big visual difference. Brendan is the best example and the final confirmation of the hypothesis that masseter muscles indeed grow with consistent CHISELL usage.