4 Small Lifestyle Adjustments for a Happy Jawline

4 Small Lifestyle Adjustments for a Happy Jawline

Aw, the jawline… the sometimes elusive yet one of the most useful assets any man can have at his disposal. Regardless of whether you have that gifted Ben Affleck- jaw (a.k.a. like 0.0000001% of the population 🙁 ) or have a receding alien-like chin appearance (let’s face it, it can’t be that bad, cheer up 🙂 ), there is no need to fall astray! Because today, we’re here with 4 small lifestyle tips that you can start implementing today and start to bear the fruit of your labor within the first few months. Oh, you thought it was going to be quick with instant results? Too bad, nothing comes easy, even ’em jaw gains! 

Anyway, without further ado: 

1) Add a lower-sodium diet

Yup, let’s face it, you knew that sooner or later, the little fella that we all know as a diet will pop up. But it does not mean that you have to starve yourself or restrict to just eating home-grown grass. Just stick to lean protein like fish, chicken, and tofu with some fruits on the side and it’ll do wonders. 🙂 


2) More cardio

Also, a no brainer, even such minuscule changes as taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator or using a bicycle to the closest supermarket instead of your car will be helpful.  

3) Grow a beard

Maybe the aforementioned changes help you to look and feel healthier, but the jaw’s muscle just doesn’t appear? A well-groomed and short bear will not only help emphasize your jawline if shaped correctly (we recommend trying out a barbershop at least once to understand your shape) but will also help you look like that six o’clock shaded lover always advertised in those romantic ads. 

4) Keep track of your posture

Jup, we all know that one guy from work or class who’s just 2 steps away from becoming the hunchback of Notre Dame. With him sitting all leaned over as if those few inches help see that damn screen better. Did you know that besides looking bad, it also affects your neck muscles that also help to form that strong jawline? No, huh? Then no more slouching! 

Of course, there’s a 5th option…. Which is some sort of surgical fat reduction surgeries, which we, and I just can’t stress it enough – STRONGLY DISAPPROVE OF!!! 

Not only does it cost too much and can be potentially threatening to your health, but it is a short term solution! Us as Chisell, do not believe in shortcuts and neither should you take ‘em, if you see adversity, you should chew it all up just like Chisell.  

All in all, that was it for today, and remember, we as well as you know that you can do it! 

Have an awesome day, CHISELL out! 

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