Is Your Face Truly Set in Stone?

In a nutshell..

So, before we can kick this off, let’s get one thing out of the way right here and now, beware, spoilers ahead – YOUR FACE IS NOT SET IN STONE BY GENETICS!!! Did I manage to grab your attention? Good, if you keep reading this, then I have to admit that I have provided only half of the answer. The deal is, that you can change and develop your facial structure, including your jawline to make it more chiseled and profound, however, it is a long and hard process. 

Beyond the nutshell

Firstly, to set the record straight, we will have to go over a lot of long and complicated vocabulary relating to anatomy class, just bare with me. Firstly, your face like pretty much any other body part, it comprises of a lot of different muscles and bones. We’re going to focus on the following  – the maxilla bone and the Masseter muscle… Whoa… now that was quite a mouthful.

Time for Some Science

In short, the maxilla is the piece of bone in the upper part of your mouth. And you know what? It develops over your life-time both for the better or for the worse – our job is to make sure it’s the former instead of the latter. Dr. Felix Liao in his “Six-foot tiger, three-foot cage” describes how the maxilla bone develops over a person’s lifetime depending on one’s lifestyle. Which explains why skulls provide a unique insight into the customs and habits of the individual for archeologists. This is why sufferers of muscle diseases experience also a deterioration of facial bone features.  

And the information is helpful how? 

Thus, even if someone has a receding chin a.k.a. not quite the look you’d want to have, it can be addressed and eventually corrected with proper posture routine and exercises. For example, a recent and effective remedy is orthotropic treatment known as mewing. Which focuses on correct facial development and ensuring that your facial features will move the chin forward and elevate your cheekbones. An effective topic, which us at Chisell heavily advocate is mewing studied by Dr. Mike Mew who also have their own youtube channel. Check it out and you won’t regret it!  

Did you know? 

Besides posture issues, a lot of people are mouth breathers. Yup, that thing that some of us do, but deep down feel it be wrong. The reasoning is because it weakens your neck muscles, which eventually start to also become saggy, creating a reduced chin effect. Mewing involves a tongue posture exercise by having the tongue always pressed against the upper palate of the mouth. Over the timespan of a routine for consecutive months and years, the habit will be easy to form and will begin to bear fruit. While it requires a large investment of time and patience, the return on investment is definitely worth it! Over time your Masseter muscles will start to become more pronoun. Oh, now I finally mention that word? Cool, so what does it mean? The Masseter muscles are on the sides of your jaw, which are responsible for casting the shadow from your jaw on your neck, which gives the look of the famous jawline. In combination with the bone structure, the wider masseter muscles will broaden and deepen the jawline effect. The Masseter muscles are responsible for moving your jaw so that you could chew together and the muscle does it with the help of your Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ in short… a topic for another blog post. 

Oh, by the way

There is, however, one myth I have not debunked yet, while I hope this goes without saying, but no face exercise tools or equipment will help reshape your face via spot reduction. While it is a tough truth to swallow, spot-reduction is the real myth here, thus if you are evaluating whether you want to start incorporating any products for reshaping your face, start by being healthy! Here at Chisell, we always stress that the first main step is to have a lower body fat percentage for your desired effect, everything else will just help pimp it out even further!  

With this in mind, we hope you know what you need to do and that you are one step closer to accomplishing your goals! 

Have an awesome day, CHISELL Out! 

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