Want to grow your jawline bigger and make it sharper? Are you really sure you want to have a chiseled jawline? Well, good news for you – this article is exactly what you were looking for! 

In this article, we will cover:

  • Why do jaw muscle training?
  • The theory behind the jaw muscle training
  • Jaw exercises that make it grow

 Why do jaw muscle training

Well, probably, you should already know that by growing your jaw muscles you will make jaw look stronger and more defined. But that’s just a part of the bigger picture. By making your jawline stronger, ultimately, you will change your face shape, thus, making your face look squarer and more attractive. What are the alternatives? Well, probably, a plastic surgery… 

Some theory, why not?

Like any other moving part of the body – jaw is operated by the set of muscles. Usually, we do not think of those in terms of workout and exercises, however, that’s the only option to go with if you want to make your face look sharper. Therefore, the question is – which jaw muscles to exercise? The answer is – masseter muscle (the one on the picture above), which, is responsible for closing your jaw. Your facial muscles are no different from any other muscles in your body, thus, just by consistently following training routines – you will be able to grow those.

The logic here is very simple actually and it is a secret to us why this insight is not the public knowledge by now. When you grow your masseter muscles you jaw starts sticking out more to the sides producing an effect of having a wider face. Due to the fact that additional muscle volume produces a bigger contrast between the neck and the jaw, the jawline appears sharper. Because jawline is just a line of shadow produced by your jaw on to your neck.

Time for practice

So, how to exercise the masseter muscle? It’s simple – you just need to chew ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Simple as that. Most likely you are pretty familiar with the concept of chewing… But why you didn’t get a chiseled jawline? Why your face and cheeks still look chubby?

The answer is – lack of resistance. If you want to grow your muscle volume – you need to work out with more weight, but how to apply more weight to your jaw? Easy make your jaw chew more resistant and challenging things, like, in the example, rubber. 

Which rubber to chew? We don’t know, cuz, we don’t chew rubber, we prefer food-grade silicon in a form of small punctured tabs like that one right here ->

We have made equipment for your chiseled jawline exercise routines. Made from the food-grade silicone, with different levels of resistance – it is suitable for anyone, just pick up your resistance level and start chewing.

Also, to make things, simpler, we have made a video lesson for how to exercise your jaw with this ultimate jaw training device, you can find it here aAnd do not hesitate to write to us on our Instagram @chisell_official if you have any questions.

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